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23 April 2012 | Art & Photography | By: Tabish Khan

Art Review: Ron Mueck @ Hauser & Wirth

Art Review: Ron Mueck @ Hauser & Wirth

Ron Mueck started his career as a puppeteer and model maker, and worked on the cult classic 80's movie Labyrinth. He transitioned into modern art but the skills from his former profession continue to serve him well as an artist.

Mueck is famous for his scarily realistic human figures and he doesn't disappoint with his latest exhibition at Hauser & Wirth. The work entitled 'Drift' has a man lying on a lilo and replicated in such fine detail that you can see the individual hairs on his forearms and legs.

To prove that his artistry isn't limited to human recreations, Mueck has also fashioned a human-sized chicken that hangs from the ceiling. Enlarged to this scale, its claws present a terrifying sight. The fact that there are only four works on display ensures that you give each piece enough time to appreciate the finer details.

Mueck's art carries a simple message about how life can be a struggle but is also fleeting. It is a message that many artists have conveyed before but Mueck's use of such realistic human figures ensures that his exhibition is especially potent.

Ron Mueck is on display at Hauser & Wirth, 23 Savile Row, W1S 2ET until 26 May. Entrance is free.

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