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21 April 2012 | By: suke

Alternative Fashion Week: A Snapshot

Alternative Fashion Week: A Snapshot

Alternative Fashion Week (AFW) 2012's takeover of Spitalfields this last week brought with it just about everything the creative spectrum of fashion design could possibly offer.

Emerging designers, from near and far, let rip their fertile imaginations to create collections ranging from the height of elegance and sophistication to the downright rebellious and outrageous. Stylishly and quirkily carried off by a similarily diverse range of models, 14 catwalk shows a day ensured some truly unforgettable moments; Jylle Navarro's knitted 'Swamp Things', in a riot of neons, were a force to be reckoned with, Georgia Nash, as always, on point in delivering the epitome of  luxurious, quirky elegance,  Norwegian Tonje Arnesen's animalistic warriors from an enchanted forest were delightfully dream-like and Venetian Barbara D'Altoe's wonderful use of rubber tyres created an awesome vision of Post-Apocalyptica. Props to band The Mannequins who pulled off a fitting soundtrack for each show.

With a commitment towards innovation, inclusion and encouraging all things eco, AFW, organised by Alternative Arts, adds a real depth of flavour to London's fashion circuit. They'll be back in April 2014.


surely there were menswear in the past week.  I've only seen one example of menswear.  There ought to be more, as the menswear market is virtually as big as womans wear.


you can see my shots from AFW at www.mostphotography.blogspot.c...


The second image is actually a "Miss Butterfly" silk wrap dress by Playsuit Parlour



Hi, Thanks for blogging about me :) Hope you enjoyd the show :) 

Jylle navarro

Great photo of my work. Thanks


I think their like sea creatures.. peace ^_^

Adrienne Ford

love the pic of my work thaks for including me www.adriennehonie.com