A-Z Pub Crawl: Where Is The Best Pub In The City Of London?

Can you recommend a good pub or bar within the Square Mile?

This is the third part of our two-year-long alphabetical pub crawl of London. Previously you voted for the best in Angel, which we subsequently visited (pictures here); and the cream of Brixton (photos here).

Now we turn our attentions to part ‘C’, and we’ve chosen the City of London. This most ancient part of town contains some of the best boozers in London, from the well-known selection on Fleet Street through to former banking halls and coffee houses in the heart of the Square Mile.

But which pubs or bars do you rate the highest?

Here’s how to play:

  1. Let us know (in the comments, on Facebook, or by tweeting #bestCitypub) your favourite pubs in the Square Mile.
  2. We’ll tally up the votes next week (probably Tuesday lunch).
  3. We’ll then arrange a pub crawl around the three or four most popular choices. You’re welcome to join us.
  4. You can nominate anywhere in the Square Mile. There’s a good map here (PDF), if you’re unsure of the boundary.
  5. By ‘pubs’, we’re using a shorthand — you can also vote for bars.
  6. You can nominate more than one place. All nominations count as one vote, whether you rank them or not. Likes on Facebook and retweets of someone else’s vote are also counted as new votes.
  7. Venues should be open to the public with no pre-booking, entry fee or membership required.

So, where shall we go?

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  • Cid

    Jesus, I’ve been pissed in so many I’ve no idea which is best. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese or that Dr Bowler’s Old Head or whatever it’s called.

  • http://twitter.com/jorgetxu Jorge Ruiz

    Is right at the border, but I would consider it inside the City. Defenitely the best: Ye Olde Mitre Tavern. Here is my review (in Spanish I’m afraid) 

    • Anonymous

      It is nice, but sadly just outside the border…perhaps when we do H for Holborn…

  • Jean-Michel Genre

    Hoop of Grapes in Aldgate?

  • http://twitter.com/JoelTaylorMetro Joel Taylor

    Cheshire Cheese lovely, Cockpit very genuine and local and there’s a great old Irish pub in Fleet Street whose name escapes me

    • Anonymous

      The Irish pub is the Tipperary – lovely, friendly place.

  • http://twitter.com/BenMyring Ben Myring

    The Cock Pit!

    • Dave H

      I’ll second that. The Cock Pit is a fine pub.

  • http://www.patrickinlondon.com/ Patrick in London

    Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese!

    • BethPH

       I’m with you on that one.

  • Rach

    The Lamb Tavern in Leadenhall Market obviously!

  • Roym

    @Cid:twitter , though a fantastic pub isnt ye olde mitre outside the boundaries?
    Having worked on old broad st for three years, i can safely say there isnt a pub in the square mile that is up to the same standards as the previous two pub crawls.

    At a push i’ll suggest the cockpit, and the counting house

  • http://twitter.com/WWalks Joanna Moncrieff

    My first choice would be the amazing Blackfriar with 2nd choice The Harrow in Whitefriars Street/Primrose Hill depending on which entrance you go in.  I recently visited Cid’s choice above (The Old Dr Butler’s Head) and was sorely disappointed and would recommend NOT to go there! Any character it had has now long gone.

  • Chris

    The Banker under Cannon St Railway.

  • BethPH

    A second vote for the Hoop & Grapes here. Also the Lamb in Leadenhall Market, Jamaica Wine Inn, Vertigo Bar in Tower 42 (for the views) and Dirty Dicks on Bishopsgate.

    • Jean-Michel Genre

      Aye the Jam Pot is a good call…

  • BethPH

    Actually, thinking about it, DD’s might be just over the boundary.

  • Anonymous

    Stop voting for Vertigo…there’s no way I’m leading a pub crawl into there.

  • GBettle

    Hand & Shears, 1 Middle Street, EC1A 7JA

  • Simon K

    Old Red Cow, Long Lane.

  • zatytom

    Seconding the Old Red Cow, Long Lane

  • Anonymous

    Jewel, Nuff Said

  • Tyla

    It has to be Ye Old Cheshire Cheese closely followed by Ye Olde Mitre Tavern. Both quirky with fascinating history.

  • Anu Vijayamohan

    Ye Olde Watling, The Williamson, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, The Tipperary

  • http://rebeccakdesigns.com/blog/ Rebecca

    Tattle Shall Castle in Embankment or sure! best views of London

  • http://twitter.com/dgbdgb dgbdgb

    Many good nominations so far – the City of London has a lot of good pubs.  I’d also mention The Crosse Keys in Gracechurch Street opposite Leadenhall – it is a large Wetherspoons – wonderful building (old bank) on site of an Elizabethan Inn that did theatre – possible that Shakespeare could have acted on stage here.  But it is also open on Sunday (not many of the others are) and bar peak times you can usually get a seat because it is so large.  Great function rooms as well. 

  • Leila Horsey

    Mine used to be The Old King Lud. Not there any more sadly. The New King Lud never really cut it.

  • John Smith

    The Black Friar in Blackfriars. It’s the only Grade II listed art nouveau pub I know. Like being inside a William Morris engraving with beer.

    Saved from demolition by the sainted J. Betjamin.

    Great beers, well-priced hearty snacks and meals. Clientele more lawyers than city traders (whether that is a good or bad thing depends on your taste).


  • Irene

    The Black Friar as a first choice. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese as a second!

  • Adam

    Bar Battu is pretty good – and far more than a dodgy city boozer

  • James G

    The Punch Tavern on Fleet Street is a great little boozer. I’d second the Old Red Cow too – excellent pub with great staff.

  • http://twitter.com/whitenigel Nigel White

    I like the Hand and Shears (Middle Street) or the Artillery Arms (Bunhill Row).

  • http://twitter.com/janan_jay Janan Jedrzejewski

    Oh The Water Poet is amazing – it’s on Folgate st. – might be just past the boundary though! 

  • http://www.thetravelcrew.wordpress.com/ Coco Cantrelle

    The Founders Arms, near the Millennium bridge is fantastic. Great food and a view to match. 2 Hopton St, Bankside, London SE1 9JH. Good range of bevvies at great prices too!

  • Malcolm Redfellow

    The Craft Beer Company (formerly the Clock House), Leather Lane. You’re buying.

  • Taylah

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    • Cid

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