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16 March 2012 | By: TimW

The Friday Photos: Down By The Riverside

The Friday Photos: Down By The Riverside

How many of us ever stand on the actual banks of the Thames? If the weather is good, people in the South Bank area descend to the 'beach' to lark about and build sandcastles. But compared to Paris in the summer, and its man-made 'Plage', London's urban beach scene is undeveloped to say the least.

From the idyll of the west to the Isle of Dogs in the east, being at river level has its charms as this selection of images shows. Famous landmarks can be caught from new and interesting angles, while juxtaposing shingle and riverbank detritus with far-off landmarks makes for edgy images.

And stray objects — whether an arguing couple, a metal detector man or discarded furniture — all look suitably impressive in the visual context of an empty shoreline. The French can keep their pretentious city beach; viva la riverside we say.

All images courtesy of Londonist Flickr pool contributors: David Merrigan, Sophie Garrett, Tomasz Kulbowski, Oliver, Gioconda Beekman, curry15, tubb, Simon Wicks, acwozhere, Matt Avent and Stephanie Sadler.


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If you're tempted to explore the "beaches" of the Thames, remember that whenever there's medium or heavy rainfall large amounts of London's sewage is discharged into the river.


Actually, an 'urban' beach is currently being constructed in London. It will be next to the O2 Arena.

Though it's landlocked, it does sit on the banks of the Thames. Great view of the canary wharf skyline as well!


Shame you guys at Londonist didn't use any of my pics from the Londonist pool - there's a few nice ones of mudlarking on the Thames foreshore here http://www.flickr.com/photos/f...