A-Z Pub Crawl: Where Is The Best Pub In Brixton?

Can you recommend a good pub or bar near Brixton station?

This is the second part of our two-year-long A-Z pub crawl of London. Last month you voted for the best in Angel, which we subsequently visited (pictures here).

Now we move on to the letter B, we’ve chosen Brixton as the area, and our good friends at Brixton Blog are helping us out. Here’s how to play:

  1. Let us know (in the comments, on Facebook, or by tweeting #bestbrixtonpub) your favourite pubs in the Brixton area.
  2. We’ll tally up the votes on Friday lunch.
  3. We’ll then arrange a pub crawl around the three or four most popular choices. You’re welcome to join us.
  4. You can nominate anywhere in reasonable walking distance of Brixton Tube station. This is, of course, subjective, but over a large number of votes we should hit some kind of consensus about what’s reasonable.
  5. By ‘pubs’, we’re using a shorthand — you can also vote for bars. Venues that only function as late-night clubs are not included.
  6. You can nominate more than one place. All nominations count as one vote, whether you rank them or not.
  7. Venues should be open to the public with no pre-booking, entry fee or membership required.

So, where shall we go?

Image by Andy Thornley in the Londonist Flickr pool.

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  • Kay

    I’d be inclined to say Plan B, but looks like you’re not including clubs in that list…

  • http://tvdinners.tv/ TV Dinners

    Trinity Arms and Seven at Brixton – NB Seven is only open in the evenings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

  • DBS

    The Duke of Edinburgh. Every time. The beer garden is just phenomenal. Has to be seen to be believed.

  • Anna

    The Duke of Edinburgh! Lovely fire for the winter, HUGE garden for the summer. Perfect.

  • TimW

    1. Trinity Arms (Trinity Square)
    2. Mango Landin’ (Brixton Water Lane)3. Prince Regent (Dulwich Road – too far?)4. White Horse (Brixton Hill)
    5. Duke of Edinburgh (Ferndale Road)

    That is all.

  • http://twitter.com/theswfoodblog The SW Food Blog

    Duke of Edinburgh is absolute classic (even if the landlady once egged me) – those curious should ask me on Twitter. The Effra is also amazing – live jazz & jerk chicken.

  • helmi

    The White Horse on Brixton Hill definitely!

  • Bob

    Duke of Edinburgh

  • Timo

    Duke of Edinburgh, Seven, The Effra, Ritzy Bar

  • Emma

    the Prince Regent on Dulwich Road

  • Sowf

    A pub crawl around the three or four most popular choices?
    That aint a pub crawl.
    A real brixton pub crawl will last for three or four days, not three or four pubs. 

  • Jean-Michel Genre

    Does Dogstar count?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ALTNMOHMDZ2VQ57KWXWHAVG7BM Raz Dickinz

     Veranda, Seven, Effra, Hootanany!

  • Terry C

    Trinity … but it’s soooo tineeeeee.

  • Ed

    The Windmill (if you’re a live music fan…)

  • http://twitter.com/charlienin Charlie Elliott

    You should definitely do Chiswick for ‘C’ next time!

  • David

    White Horse
    Grand Union
    Electric Social
    Trinity Arms

  • Vanessa Brier

    The Elm Park Tavern! It’s a bit hidden away but is worth it, they have a good selection of real ales and a good lager :(

  • effrite

    Trinity Arms

  • Ant

    Without question The Duke of Edinburgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xliam

    Trinity Arms…. The Effra….. Mango Landin’!

  • http://seriousquizness.blogspot.com/ Caroline

    The Trinity Arms and The Windmill, hands down. 

  • http://www.sebbywood.com/blog/ Seb White

    Kaff. Definitely ignore Hootenanny at all costs – terrible customer service and full of idiots.