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13 February 2012 | By: M@

Deer Versus Photographer In Richmond Park

Deer Versus Photographer In Richmond Park

Fresh from their close shave with Fenton/Benton, the deer of Richmond Park have found a new playmate. Kris Wood was out snapping the deer in the snow when he noticed one of the deer approaching a fellow photographer. Says Kris...

He was a keen amateur who broke the first rule of wildlife photography, never take your eye off the animals. The Deer wandered up to him when he was looking through his kit bag and got close enough to lick his lens. He took the camera off the tripod and tried to shoo the Deer away, but it responded by kicking at his tripod, then going for him. He managed to get away unscathed after flapping his glove at it and kicking snow in its face.

You can see more of Kris' work on his photography website and Flickr pages, including a few less-menacing cervine snaps.


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Surely a fairly key rule of wildlife photography is not to punch the wildlife in the face?!


He should not attack the animal as he is in the wrong place! what a knob, wish the dear had bitten him


Photography: getting up close and personal with your subject.

Kris Wood

Hiya, just wanted to clear something up for those of you concerned that the photographer in the pictures hit or slapped the Deer.

He waved his glove in front of the Deer's face and kicked snow towards it to ward off an attack. The angle I was at when I took the shots makes it look like he was hitting it, but in reality his hand never got any closer than about 6 inches in front of the Deer's face.

Neither he nor the Deer laid a finger/hoof on each other, although the Deer did give his tripod a good kicking and licked his camera lens, which was quite funny.


They must be hungry or something. I've photographed deer many times, both local to me and in Richmond Park, and they rarely approach that close.