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Alternative Tube Maps: The Chromatic Underground

Alternative Tube Maps: The Chromatic Underground

Among the many reinterpretations we've seen of the Tube map, this has to be among the most visually pleasing: a chromatic diagram that represents "the intersections between the colours of the lines when their opacity is set at 50%". It's best viewed at a larger size to appreciate the intricacy of what's going on.

The diagram is the work of Francisco Dans, who previously designed the twisted Tube map we saw last year. As Francisco himself notes, it "doesn’t really correspond to reality", but it's an original way of looking at the network and would make an attractive wall print. Handily, it's available to buy on Francisco's website.

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Dean Nicholas

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I can't find North Greenwich :(

Ross Corben

doe http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2010/... correspond to reality?