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06 January 2012 | By: M@

Google Street View: Multiple Paddington Bears In London

Google Street View continues to throw up diverting curiosities. While mucking about in the virtual Trafalgar Square this morning, we encountered this sky-gazing Paddington Bear next to the Charles I statue.

A subsequent web search revealed at least three more ursine intruders dotted around London. We've found the cuddly immigrant lurking on Portobello Road, in front of the British Museum and, of course, round the back of Paddington Station.

Intriguingly, Paddingtonbear.com suggests that there are six Paddingtons secreted round town in Street View. Any clues as to the whereabouts of the other two?

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wow, did you miss this when streetview was launched in the uk 2009? it was a cross promotion at the time and it was all over the web!  unusual for londonist to be behind!


I think there are a few here:  http://www.streetviewfunny.com

Inna Kovaleva2011

Pretty :D

Inn Kovaleva2011

Funny :D