A Folky Twelfth Night On Bankside

Crowds thronged to see the colourful Twelfth Night celebrations on Bankside yesterday afternoon, processing with the Holly Man to bring in the green, wassail The George Inn and generally get post-festive-festive and fabulously folklore-y.

Were you there?

All photos by Tom Bolton via the Londonist Flickrpool.

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  • ingrid

    It’s a serpent, not a crumhorn! Lovely pix!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Ingrid – we’ll correct. 

      And looking at these again, the Holly Man looks rather like Noel Fielding. 

      • ingrid

        Oh dear, had to google Noel Fielding (I’m obviously getting old)..I think David R would be flattered by that! I always love his costumes and make-up.

  • David

    no ingrid i was much better looking than him when i had that much hair hahah xx