The Friday Photos: Londoners And Birds

Many thanks to Irene Mingozzi, David Merrigan, Adrian Stewart, Tomasz Kulbowski, John Kortland, Sleepy Gonzales, Abhisek Bhattacharya, Guilherme Zuhlke O’Connor, Where The Art Is, shadowjumper, speedfr0g and Jon Game who shared their photos in the Londonist Flickrpool.

Want to suggest a theme for the Friday Photos? Leave a note in the comments.

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  • Kulbowski Photography

    Nice selection, thanks for including my photo!

  • laurelle2011

    What an entertaining collection – funny, poignant, beautiful, love them all, thanks to all the photographers.  But the photos would be even better if the location was tagged as well (I know one was), and, LONDONIST, could you please arrange for “slide show” viewing for The Friday Photos?  I know, I’m lazy, finding it a chore to individually click on each pic.

  • Adrian Stewart

    Thanks for selecting my photo (Third one, Girl on Steps), and for Laurelle2011 benefit, it was taken on the steps of St. Pauls

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Adrian, I know I’m a bit pedantic but I just like to know these things! Good photo and thanks for noticing my request.