New London Site: The Nudge

We’re always delighted to encounter new web sites that offer ideas on how best to enjoy London. So we’d like to nudge your attentions over to The Nudge, a stylish city guide that works a little differently from the many other options out there.

Rather than attempting to be comprehensive or even prolific, The Nudge picks just three or four things each week that the discerning Londoner might find interesting. Falling under the categories of London restaurants, Lifestyle, London Bars, Travel and London Entertainment, each article is written with flair and insight rather than bashed out from a press release.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy their content is to sign up for the email alerts, which appear every time there’s a new article (i.e. every two or three days). These also offer access to member offers and discounts. You can also follow the site on Facebook and Twitter (@TheNudgeLondon).

Try out their curated guide to what’s on in London, and let us know what you think

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Article by Matt Brown | 4,854 Articles | View Profile | Twitter

  • Ben Smith

    This isn’t new….

    • Dean Nicholas

      It’s new to me. Don’t think I’ll be going back, though.

    • londona729

      It is to me too!

  • diamond geezer

    “Perhaps the best way to enjoy their content is to sign up for the email alerts…”
    No, really, I don’t think it is.

    • strangegeometry

      the email alerts are great actually – most of the stuff that’s emailed is fairly exclusive

  • Sir Archie

    Actually, I’ve tried a number of the Restaurants they have featured and all have been excellent and a cut above the rest. I’m very happy to suggest The Nudge is worth signing up for.