Hammersmith Flyover Closed Due To "Serious Defect"

Dean Nicholas
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Hammersmith Flyover Closed Due To "Serious Defect"

Transport for London today took the dramatic step of closing Hammersmith Flyover due to what they describe as a "serious structural defect".

Last week we reported on the whistleblower who had contacted the Fulham and Hammersmith Chronicle, claiming that the flyover was in a perilous state of disrepair and that, in his view, it was more a case of "when, not if" the thing collapses. The decision to close it with immediate effect does somewhat vindicate his doom-laden prognosis.

TfL's statement makes reference to the internal cables which keep the spans in place. An inspection last night, part of a detailed monitoring plan, revealed "technical problems", leading to the immediate closure and further assessment of the structure. The official line right now is that it'll be closed until January whilst this assessment is undertaken, but the sudden decision doesn't auger well for its prompt re-opening.

Last Updated 23 December 2011

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Like the others said head towards Chiswick from under the flyover and
turn left down any of the roads or take an taxi?maybe a better idea..

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Walk along the main road under the flyover towards
Chiswick. I live in Gloucestershire now but my wife used to live at the
OLD SHIP in the Mall Hammersmith.

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Lets hope the works are finished before the country returns to work after New Year, i hate to think the chaos it will cause it's bad enough with the flyover in operation