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16 December 2011 | News | By: Rachel Holdsworth

Cutty Sark Gets Masts And Christmas Tree

Cutty Sark Gets Masts And Christmas Tree

The Cutty Sark got its masts back at the weekend, and yesterday brought a festive new addition — a Christmas tree tied to the central one.

We can hardly believe it's been four years since fire gutted the already-undergoing-restoration tea clipper. Even though the surrounding area is still pretty much a building site, the ship is starting to look recognisable again, ready for re-opening in April 2012.

The Greenwich Phantom has photos of yesterday's tree raising, including a spot of bother when it got tangled in the rigging. The tree was paid for by local TV presenter Robert Gray, which is a lovely thing to do.

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For the maritime challenged, the center mast is called the main mast.