Statue Of Dr Salter Stolen From Bermondsey

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Statue Of Dr Salter Stolen From Bermondsey

One of the capital's most unusual statues has been stolen, presumably for scrap metal. The seated sculpture of Dr Alfred Salter was taken from its river-front setting in Cherry Gardens last Friday. Southwark Council have offered a £1,000 reward for its return.

The statue, one of our top 10 things to see in the Borough of Southwark, depicts the early 20th Century social reformer and MP Alfred Salter. The piece is perhaps the most poignant work of sculpture in London. The good doctor, old and weary after a lifetime of helping the poor, fondly remembers the one person he couldn't save, his daughter Joyce. The child had died of scarlet fever aged nine. In the sculpture, the old doctor remembers his only child and her cat standing beside the river, the trio reunited in bronze.

Now the doctor has gone, and his touching daydream has been taken into safekeeping by the council. The removal is another high profile loss in a series of metal raids. Thieves intent in cashing in on the high price of metal have targeted everything from transport infrastructure to war memorials.

Last Updated 24 November 2011


The sad moral state of Britain today  :(

Jack Thompson

If any scrap metal merchants accept this as scrap they need their heads taking off, yup stuff putting em in Prison, off with there heads I say!


This type of news is just sad and pathetic!
What has become of britain? Its over run with Chav's and Yobs!
Even on clips of the royal wedding on TV, other than the royal family all you see are drunken chavs, the riots again run by chavs. Britain has become pathetic!

Peter Jordan

I only found out about this today. 

I was conducting a tour,and took my passenger to see what I said was one of my favorite statues in London. I was so upset when I discovered it had been stolen; especially when one considers the heart breaking story behind it. Hopefully a replacement will appear at some stage in the near future. 


Peter - if you are a professional tour guide, shame on you that you were unaware that this disappeared two months ago!  lol
I doubt very much if there will be a replacement.