Public Sector Strikes Tomorrow

Rachel Holdsworth
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Public Sector Strikes Tomorrow

As you've probably gathered, there'll be a mammoth strike tomorrow as around two million public sector workers demonstrate their feelings over plans to change their pensions. The government wants to bring in the changes partly to make public sector pensions affordable in the long term and partly to help pay off the deficit.

Most attention has been on schools and airports, but with 23 unions having voted to strike - including some of the country's biggest - all kinds of public services could be affected. Courts, hospitals and council services will see disruption, but emergency services will continue to run. Even the British Library says its Reading Rooms will be affected.

The BBC has done a quick guide to what it's all about, and the Guardian's Polly Curtis spent most of today going through claim and counter-claim trying to sort out what the genuine situation with public sector pensions is. A poll yesterday showed 61% support for strikers nationwide, while a post on our Facebook page attracted a broad spectrum of opinion.

As well as picket lines (one of the more visible is likely to be Public and Commercial Services Union members outside Euston Tower from 7am), there'll also be a series of rallies and marches. The biggest is organised by the London and SE TUC, which starts at Lincoln's Inn Fields from 12pm, leaving at 1pm to walk to Victoria Embankment for a rally at 2pm. Yes, roads will be closed.

Let us know if you're striking or if you're going to be affected.

Photo of the 30th June pensions strike by Nick Atkins Photography from the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 28 November 2011


I'm all for it!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel the whole country needs to strike from rubbish collectors to police officers I mean THE WHOLE COUNTRY. We cant let the goverment continue ripping us off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me so mad we need to stand are ground NOW and let them know they cant treat us like this, they are no better than thefts in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROBBERS I hate this country


Is it going to make any difference?  Will the government magically say they won't continue with the changes?  No.  All that is happening is a whole load of inconvenience for us all.  In my eyes all union members have had it way too good for the past decade thanks to Labour.  Now they have to roll up their sleeves like everyone else and the dummy gets thrown out.  Obviously this huge debt that the previous government helped get us into by spending way too much is nothing to worry about.  The same government that the unions back financially in exchange for having it easy.

My main thought is what would a Labour government be doing now with the deficit?  I honestly think we would be staring down a bankruptcy for the country now.


F**k this sh*t ill be catching a plane tomorrow!!!


if the goverment were to stop paying imigrants electric and gas bills they would have the money??
they will put £120 on an electric card and £90 on a gas card for asylum seekers. i just got my electric bill £180 and i need keroseen for winter at £300 for 500 liters im having to cancell christmass as i cant aford is as my disabilaty was stoped will they pay my bills i think not.....

Arnold Peabody

The Eu have been given billions to increase their workforce while 700.000+ public sector jobs are to go in Britain.  Britain may not be in the euro zone but it is definitively  in Europe. If we put aside the propaganda and misinformation fed to the us by government and multinational self interested corporations
and did just a little research ourselves we might find the EU is killing us. Should you wish to sign a petition to leave the EU  click on