In Pictures: The St Pancras LEGO Christmas Tree

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In Pictures: The St Pancras LEGO Christmas Tree
Close-up by Mctumshie
Close-up by Mctumshie
By Mctumshie.
By Mctumshie.

There's something about St Pancras and LEGO. The venerable station was last year recreated in the brickish medium by Warren Elsmore. Now, the lower concourse is furnished with a 10-metre tall Christmas tree made entirely from the plastic playthings. It's purported to be the largest ever created.

The photos above include two under daylight conditions by Londonist Flickr pool contributor Andrew Smith (AKA McTumshie), and some slightly blurrier snaps at night by M@.

The faux-fir contains around 600,000 LEGO bricks and will be in place until 3 January.

Last Updated 27 November 2011


Lego Christmas it is then!!


What happens after Christmas? Can I buy part of it? All those bricks... It'd be a shame to lock them in storage for a whole year.