Travel Back In Time With Yahoo! Maps

Remember the days when Arsenal still played at Highbury? Those halcyon times when Heathrow was content with four terminals, when you could catch a train to Paris from Waterloo, and when Westfield was, if you had to guess, the latest boyband off of that new Popstars show on ITV. A time when the name ‘Stratford’ was more likely to conjure up thoughts of The Bard than The Olympics.

In Yahoo! Maps, London is stuck in a new-Millennial timewarp. The satellite view still shows the old Wembley Stadium, complete with twin towers. Demolition of the landmark was completed in 2003, but hasn’t even started here. Over at St Pancras, work on the mammoth new Eurostar terminal has barely begun, while Heathrow’s Terminal 5 is a giant building site. The Olympic Park, meanwhile, remains a vast industrial estate.

The vintage satellite photography, now almost a decade out of date, is a bit of a pain for anyone trying to geotag their Flickr images (the photo service uses Yahoo! Maps), but is a real boon if you’re trying to remember what the hell used to be on the site of a particular new development. Now, if they could produce a 10-year-old version of Street View, we’d be very happy.

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  • Kev

    How did you get to the aerial pics? I can only select map or satellite… *scratches head*

    • Anonymous

      Good point…I’ve changed the word ‘aerial’ to the correct ‘satellite’ throughout.

  • Nathan

    Google Earth (the downloadable application) has a slider you can pull back and forth to see aerial/satellite photographs going back 50 or 60 years in some cases.

    • Mark Walley

      It’s true! It has Wembley pre-twin towers, with twin towers, during the construction of the new one, and completed.

  • Ferg

    You know that Google maps has a few issues too – someone has parked their Boeing 737 in Russell Square Gardens:

    • Anonymous

      Oh yes, we know: