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14 October 2011 | Maps | By: M@

The A-Z Of Odd London Street Names (Part 1)

The A-Z Of Odd London Street Names (Part 1)

Patrick Hamilton described London as '20,000 Streets Under the Sky'. He didn't reveal just how many of them have ridiculous names. Having discovered the outlandish Crooked Usage in Finchley, our curiosity was piqued. With a little help from Londonist readers (thanks), and an unhealthy amount of time scanning map indices, we've put together an A-Z of the best. Here's the first part, covering A-K.

We got the photographic evidence via Google Maps, rather than getting out on the streets. We wouldn't want to be accused of having too much time on our hands. The list excludes 'rude' street names. We've already probed that one.

(Edited for typo, 12.40pm, 14 Oct.)


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Tee hee - was your curioisity 'piqued'? Which meant you 'peeked' until finally it had 'peaked?'


There's a Steep Hill in Streatham that isn't.


"peaked"? I think you mean "piqued".


No Elvis Road? You can include its neighbour Lennon Road in the next installment...

Brian Owens

For H, I think Haunch of Venison Yard (W1K) beats Ha Ha Road...

Lee Jackson

I must vote for gloriously gothic Remnant Street.


Just round the corner from Effort Street is Recovery Street, and both are very close to St George's Hospital. There's a Victorian moral in there, I'm sure.

Dominic Sayers

Bleeding Heart Yard? When London has a Bevis Marks? What were you thinking?


My personal fav is Prudent Passage, in the City.  Closely followed Crutched Friars, and the best-named church St Andrew by the Wardrobe.


there is 'vivian comma close' in my neighbourhood (Highbury) - yes the punctuation is spelled out.


Don't forget Of Alley...