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26 October 2011 | News | By: BethPH

Occupy St Paul's Banksy: In Pictures

Occupy St Paul's Banksy: In Pictures

The famously reticent artist Banksy presented a topical sculpture to the Occupy group at St Paul's this week.

In the form of a Monopoly board, it namechecks worldwide locations hosting Occupy protests as well as wall-scrawl compatriot and recently-convicted Tox.

Our pictures were taken during a particularly rainy visit, hence the occasional droplet on the surface.

All photos by BethPH


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mr x

How generous of the multi-millionaire Banksy.


This should help pay the legal bills


Saw this on BBC news. Fantastic art by Banksy.


Fantastic really? Not really that creative, not really that well crafted. Pretty lame piece. Great PR.