London's Pub Cats

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 81 months ago
London's Pub Cats
Tom Paine, of the Seven Stars / photo by dalekhelen
Tom Paine, of the Seven Stars / photo by dalekhelen
Purdey, in the Gunmakers / photo by Rachel Holdsworth
Purdey, in the Gunmakers / photo by Rachel Holdsworth
The Scooterworks cat / photo by @bitoclass
The Scooterworks cat / photo by @bitoclass

A few weeks ago we nipped into the Gunmakers on Aybrook Street for a swift afternoon half and soon realised we'd parked ourselves next to a black cat, curled up on the adjacent leather banquette. Investigation revealed that this was Purdey, the pub's cat, and very long-suffering he was too, submitting to strokes and tickled ears when he clearly just wanted a nap.

We started wondering how many other pubs have cats hanging around – for a start there's the famous Tom Paine at the Seven Stars off Fleet Street, often seen sporting a white ruff. Presumably just biding his time until he can unleash revenge on the puny humans who put it on him.

Lenny (grey and white) and Patches (black and white) both live at the Pride of Spitalfields; Scooterworks cafe on Lower Marsh also has a resident moggy. (Edit: we're now reliably informed Scooterworks has three kittehs.)

There are sightings of cats at:

There's also a nice story (though not, as far as we know, a cat) at the Cat's Back in Wandsworth, which apparently got its name after the landlord's pet wandered home after going missing for several weeks.

We're sure there must be more pub cats in London than this: tell us where they are!

Photos by dalekhelen from the Londonist Flickr pool, Rachel H and @bitoclass (with permission).

Last Updated 18 October 2011


A cat called Lily frequents the Anglesea Arms in W6 - she's a big fan of their pint of prawns.


I've regularly seen cats at the Anglesea Arms in Hammersmith and also the 8 Bells in Putney

Kat Brown

Oh I LOVE Tom Paine! It took me a while to figure out what his name was, so my boyfriend and I played a sort of Rumpelstiltskin game with each other. We ended this game when Milkinscrumps entered the equation and we realised that such a ridiculous name couldn't be bettered. It was a bit of an anticlimax when we found out what he was actually called.


'Missy' the cat at the Cantaloupe, Charlotte Road, Shoreditch.


The Trinity Arms in Brixton has an awesome kitty. 


The Westow House in Crystal Palace is one of the homes of a big ginger tomcat called Craig, who spends the rest of his time at the chip shop round the corner. People on the long bench seats along one side of the pub will often find him nonchalantly walking across their legs to get from one end to the other.


Rose and Crown, Clapham Old Town, has a cat too


There are two black cuties in the Boogaloo pub in Highgate too




Poppy and Teddy in The Wentworth Arms, Mile End

Ewan M

There's a pub cat at the Shakespeare's Head on Arlington Way EC1, too.


There's a black and white bruiser in The Sultan, SW19.

Vicki Brown

& one at The Victoria in Battersea last time I was there

Laura Porter

Sorry to be the bearer of sad news, but Tom Paine the cat at the Seven Stars died a few weeks ago. :(


And also the cat that frequented the Nags Head in Walthamstow has also gone to chase mice in cat heaven - his funeral/wake was on Sunday.


Paris inhabits The Hoop and Grapes in Farringdon and has a penchant for feta cheese...I always get lots of feline attention when I order the Greek Salad


Southampton Arms has at least one cat.


Last time I was at the Wibbly Wobbly Pub there was an enormous, floppy mog lounging around by the heaters.

Laura Nolte

I have a London Cat Map here: Anyone can add their cat sightings :)


Why are the photos of the cats so rubbish? Surely everyone now has a half decent camera and that makes everyone a half decent photographer (or not?)

Guilliana Castle

The Scooter Cafe on Lower Marsh has two cats, one is confirmed as being named as Bob

sandra bello

A white and black tabby is resident at The White Bear in St. John's Street, I think he doesn't have a tail.


The Clapham Old Town neighbourhood pub, the Rose and Crown, where everybody knows your name, has two cats...Betty aka Britney and Beyonce.


Used to be some lovely ones at The Cask & Glass near Victoria.

dianne tanner

Someones probably said this but there are 2 TWO cats in the Boogaloo bar in Highgate and a dog (well used to be he was very old a few years ago) in the Windmill in Brixton!


I think there's a cat called Biscuit in a pub called the Swan and Cuckoo on Wapping Lane...well it's a pub which was near 21 Wapping Lane - I was there for Punchdrunk's Faust. 

A Nonny Mouse

There used to be a cat in the Three Kings in Clerkenwell

Mark Baynes

Yes Biscuit is alive and well and enjoying life in the Swan and Cuckoo in Wapping Lane.

David Curran

The Fox and Hounds in Clapham Junction has a big friendly black cat, with no fear of dogs!


There is a local cat that is often can be found in the Alma in Wandsworth. There is also a resident cat at the Charlotte Despard in Highgate/Archway

Echo Bravo

The cat in the Blind Beggar is the best pub cat in London bar none. He has a face the size of a sattelite dish and very soulful eyes. Beautiful beast, looks like he'd take no nonsense though.


I met Biscuit at the White Swan and Cuckoo in Wapping ... He loved to be stroked and was a very big boy and he had a black and white friend (whose name I didn't catch!).  ALSO - the nicest cat ever ever was at the Albion near Victoria Park AND they had a lock in whoo hooooooo!!


Biscuit was a very large ginger tom by the way!


The 'little driver' in Bow has a big tom cat called Tony (& his brother Alf) who sit at the bar & eat their dinner & drink milk off the bar.


The Pawsons Arms in Croydon (A Crystal Palace Pub) has a large tabby cat called Selhurst

Jamie Tucker

I'm sure the Pride of Spitalfields, just off Brick Lane, had one a while back, to be found in front of the fire.

Colleen O'Sullivan

Fiz the cat is the guardian outside the Earl Ferrers in Streatham most nights. 


The Old George on Bethnal Green Road. 

Lindsey Berthoud

Sally, the cat at the Old Kings Head in Shoreditch, greeted me at the door yesterday, then bustled round me, mewing at me like the landlady. She probably is. And a very pretty puss too. 

Andy J

Hi, I would just like to say unfortunately for the customers of the LITTLE DRIVER PUB in BOW or those that wish to see the two beautiful brother pub cats, you CAN'T! because we have them & were given to us with great pleasure when the landlady Dawn was moving on. They now live in a very pampered much loved home! We believe that many pictures were taken of them as kittens in & around the bar area & would so love to see them as we got them when they were 3 & a half years old.
Please if any one has pictures let us know. That is Tony & Colin EX-pub cats of the LITTLE DRIVER Bow East London


TONY & COLIN ex-pub cats from the Little driver now in gloriuos retirement.


Hmmm. Think the Cock & Bull in Sutton has just acquired a new black & white called Pickles.@picklescnb on twitter...

Bowl Of Chalk

I have some bad news. I was in the Seven Stars last week. Tom Paine has died. The landlady introduced me to her new cat from Battersea cats home. Can't remember his name. Has the same white ruff though.

Bowl Of Chalk

Oh. Someone wrote that earlier. Sozzzz. Hadn't seen.

Bowl Of Chalk

However .... what about Church Cats. Hmmmm? I've met a few on my travels. 


Two black and white cats rule the Wibbley Wobbley boat pub on Greenland Dock in Rotherhithe.


There is a beautiful female cat in The Ravensbourne Arms in Lewisham, her name is Nala. Look out for the slim tabby..She also LOVES rubbing up against be cat! Slightly outside of London, but lso check out The Murrell Arms, in Sussex, a beautiful female cat, Tabitha.


There's one at the Ravensbourne Arms, I might have a photo somewhere and she has her own twitter account @pubcatnala


The Scooterworks cat shown above happens to be the mum of our cat Trouser. My dad works in Lower Marsh and frequents the cafe, so one day brought a kitten home - that was four years ago.


There is 2 black cats called 'Jack' and 'Danny' in the salmon and ball at Bethnal green!!!! Beautiful they are!!!! And u can guess how they got there names!!! Lol x


There are two cats in the White Hart Tap in St. Albans, (I know, not London, but close...sort of...) Paddy & Nitty. I have seen and stroked Nitty (pictured), she is a sweetheart.


There is a lovely big ginger boy, 'Winston' who is affectionately known as 'Ginge' who graces the floors (and likes to sit on the fish tank) In the Red Lion in Isleworth...again, close to London


There are two cute black and white kittens at the old eagle in Camden Town


The funny and friendly Nelson at the "Tapping The Admiral" in Kentish Town! A black cat named after the Admiral... of course :)

Greg Tingey

The Hope in Carshalton has a large Black-&-White "Management"