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16 October 2011 | News | By: Rachel Holdsworth

In Pictures: Occupy LSX

In Pictures: Occupy LSX

Yesterday's demo to protest about wealth inequality and corporate greed (and various other things; the original protest in New York has been criticised for its lack of crystallised goals) was denied entry to Paternoster Square, home of the London Stock Exchange, but instead have set up camp outside St Paul's.

It's not surprising Paternoster Square remained off limits: it's privately owned and, as one of our Flickr pool contributors spotted, has signs up currently denying access to anyone without official authorisation. So Wren's cathedral has become the focus point, with about 2,000 protesters yesterday and 500 remaining overnight.

Despite a kettle being put in place yesterday afternoon and an appearance by Julian Assange (is there nothing that man won't do to gain a little publicity?), all is peaceful. According to the Occupy LSX website, the Dean of St Paul's been out to tell the protesters they're welcome to stay, but asked the police to leave. The cathedral has been functioning as normal, with several tweeters noting a wedding - one grabbing a video.

Just one, pedantic, comment: LSX is actually London's Sustainability Exchange - the usual abbreviation for the stock exchange is LSE. Although quite how the London School of Economics would have dealt with any confused protesters is unknown.

Photos by, L-R: louisberk, Sven Loach, nolitawanders, paris.franz, LondonDave, Zefrog, Photogregory London, London Dave, Zefrog and sinister pictures, all from the Londonist Flickr pool.

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Steve Grimley

Julian Assange is not just doing it for publicity he really is just telling it as it is, the banks and governments around the world need to change

Nicolas Chinardet

Someone tweeted yesterday that Assange made the people listening to him (a couple of thousand, then), repeat in unison: "I am an individual". Irony bypass, much?