Bishop Begs Occupy Begone, Banksy Brings Art

By BethPH Last edited 80 months ago
Bishop Begs Occupy Begone, Banksy Brings Art

The Bishop of London has added his voice to the growing requests for the Occupy protest camp to vacate St Paul’s.

The debate around the camp’s purpose seems to have shifted over the last few days as focus has moved to the impact of the protest on surrounding businesses and the Cathedral itself. On Monday night, in an apparent attempt to demonstrate that Occupy tents were unoccupied while their owners were presumably snuggled up in hypocritically-soft capitalist beds, the Telegraph visited the camp armed with thermal imaging cameras. Claims have also been made in the media that evidence pointing to a 10% occupancy rate was gathered by a police helicopter with thermal imaging equipment, a claim refuted by City of London police. The allegation was also hotly denied by Occupy who say their signing-in process is designed to prevent low occupancy.

Not everyone is unappreciative of Occupy’s efforts though – street artist Banksy is claimed to have presented the camp with a sculpture in recognition of their protest.

The latest plea from ecclesiastical quarters comes from the Right Reverend Richard Chartres after similar requests from the Dean and Chancellor of St Paul’s failed; presumably the clergy will have to turn to a higher power for intervention.

Last Updated 26 October 2011


All right, Jesus: you've had your say.  Now it's time for you to leave the temple; and don't come back unless you can better behave yourself.  We have sacrifices to conduct here and can't have you disrupting the business of our currency exchange concession.


I think Westminster Abbey should be the next venue for an anti capitilist 'sit in'. It's another very wealthy anglical pile, pulling in the gullible tourists and charging a very high fee for the privilege of viewing an admitedly historical building, but absolutely filthy inside, where one can expect to be herded around by pompous and condescending staff, all to maintain the usual compliment of over fed, lazy and supercilious clergy in style they have come to expect. The abbey should look to its close neighbour, Westminster Cathedral for a lesson in humility and true christian values. The Cathedral has an atmosphere of warmth and welcome. The Abbey welcomes your money and continually reminds you of what a wonderful building it is and of all the wonderful people associated with it etc etc. In truth, it's a vast temple to the worst aspects of anglican greed, conceit and intellectual snobbery. Having sung in the choir on two occasions, I 've found that to be totally up itself.