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12 October 2011 | Art & Photography | By: Zoe Craig

Art Below at Regent's Park Tube Station

Art Below at Regent's Park Tube Station

Art Below has turned ad space into art space on two platforms at Regent’s Park Station.

The new installation coincides with the Frieze Art Fair, which is taking place this week in Regent’s Park, just five-minutes’ walk from the station.

On one platform, you can see artist Eleanor Lindsay-Flynn’s most recent work, called Yellow Faces. Eleanor’s pieces give the illusion that the picture is actually hanging from the wall. Look closely at the documentary-style photos if you have a spare moment waiting for a train, and you’ll see all is not actually as it first appears. Yes, you've guessed it: all the characters have yellow faces.

Eleanor explains:

"I use these faces to highlight how odd our cultural rituals really are, from going to a museum to walking down the street. Most of the time we are switched off, we are on auto pilot. Our bodies move us through the space we are in following the most natural path, even in a museum or an art fair. After about one hour of viewing something called 'museum fatigue' sets in. We are unable to digest any more information and thus the auto pilot kicks in, often taking us to the gift shop or cafe."

"It’s not that I want people to wake up or anything, I just want people to be aware when they are in it. Switching on the auto pilot is our way of coping with the massive amounts of information that surrounds us, so it’s a kind of survival technique; otherwise our heads would explode. And in some cases, in my pictures, they do!"

On another platform, Art Below has teamed up with the Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4, showcasing the work of the 20 finalists of this year’s New Sensations Prize.

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