Have You Seen The Big White Hands In Covent Garden?

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Have You Seen The Big White Hands In Covent Garden?

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This pair of giant white hands appeared in Covent Garden over the weekend. Similar appendages have appeared in seven other cities across Europe. Clearly, there's some big product launch on the horizon, and whoever's behind it decided to do something more intriguing than slapping a few posters up. But the hands carry no branding or information, other than a link to the mysterious URL www.thebighands.com and hashtag #thebighands.

What can it all mean? This video may offer further clues.

All images by Chris Osburn.

Last Updated 19 September 2011


Think Cannon are doing a big DSLR launch soon

Candida DaFonseca

I definitely thought it was camera-related too... I just saw a set in Paris this weekend. Thought it was an art installation. Oops.


it looks like the sort of thing apple would do!

John Backwell

If the 'invisible camera' were in place what would it be photographing? I need to go take a look!


It's not going to be a Canon DSLR launch, the left hand isn't supporting a lens.  My money's on a new Nikon, they're slated to be releasing a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (like the Panasonic G series) tomorrow.  See also http://www.iamcomings.com.

Canon have announced a 'pro' product launch but that's not for a while yet.

Sid Durel

I dont see it in paris