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01 September 2011 | Maps, News, Transport | By: Dean Nicholas

Alternative Tube Maps: The Twisted London Underground

Alternative Tube Maps: The Twisted London Underground

Francisco Dans has come up with a take on the Tube map that makes up for in abstract beauty what it lacks in practicality. His curvilicious design takes Frank Pick's rectilinear, geographical classic and spirals it out from the most densely connected station (King's Cross St Pancras) to the furthest-flung parts of the map (at least that's what we think he's done).

We particularly like the blocky roundel (or "oblongel", perhaps) that replaces the more familiar logo.

In its current guise the map features only the Tube lines, but Francisco is working on adding the DLR and London Overground too. More power to him.

Hat tip: IanVisits

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Helen M



There seems to be a mistake. If you take the Victoria Line from Kings Cross it should go: Kings Cross, Euston, Warren Street, Oxford Circus...
Euston seems to be on the "wrong" side of Kings Cross on this map...?


(it is very beautiful, though)


"Nothing useless can be truly beautiful" - Morris. Sadly this is useless.


With respect to the great Frank Pick, it was Harry Beck who designed the tube map still used, with a few alterations, to this day.