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02 August 2011 | Film | By: M@

Lost Boys And Top Gun Get Secret Thames-Side Screening

The guys behind Secret Cinema are bringing a filmic taste of California to the banks of the Thames. Future Cinema, in partnership with California Tourism, will show 80s classics Lost Boys and Top Gun at a secret location beside the river on 3 and 4 September.

Apparently, the Thames-side location will be transformed into the 'sunny shores of California', to 'fully immerse the audience' (we hope they mean that in a figurative way, and not an aquatic one).

The events will pack in 8,000 people, so you might care to speculate on river-side locations capable of holding such a crowd.

Tickets are £24.50 + booking fee (yipes!) and can be bought here.


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The Battle of Algiers.

Twenty four quid for corporate sponsored American jingoism? Secret Cinema you are soooooooo subversive.