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13 July 2011 | News, Transport | By: BethPH

Violent Assault On Cyclist Caught On Camera

Violent Assault On Cyclist Caught On Camera

A cyclist was attacked by a motorist in Bexley Village a few weeks ago and despite clear footage of the assailant being caught on a helmet camera, police have been unable to identify him.

Simon Page was riding from Dover to London in training for a charity cycle ride when the incident happened in south London. According to his post on roadcc, Simon and the other cyclists were overtaken by a car on a section of road narrowed by a traffic island. When they tried to remonstrate with him, the driver and his passenger got out and became abusive before attacking Mr Page.

Given that the whole crime, including the faces of the attackers and their car registration was filmed on a helmet camera, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was all neatly sewn up for the Metropolitan Police to find the driver and arrest him. But when police visited the registered keeper of the car, it was claimed it had been left unlocked with the keys in the ignition and must have been ‘borrowed’ yet thoughtfully returned afterwards.

The video has been handed over to Bexley CID where an investigation is now underway. It’s also been posted on the internet to help try and identify the attackers.

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PXL Junkie

Typical Britain. With bystanders standing there 'oblivious' too!


This is the problem with car crimes. The 'registered keeper' issue.
Hope these guys get what they deserve.
It would be nice to see what the remonistration looked like though, for the sake of transparency


What's wrong with the bystanders?  One looks a bit weedy, but begins to intervene (although doesn't do much because it all happens so quickly); one has a child with him and appears to be dialing an urgent call, which could well be to the police and there's a woman at the end shouting at the car while she goes over to the cyclist on the ground.  


Simon Page was attacked when the driver saw him looking at his numberplate so I'm not that surprised that the witnesses didn't pile in - given the level of aggression shown by the driver I imagine it was pretty intimidating.


It's OK saying what you would have done if you were there. Behind a keyboard everyone is tough!

Dave H

Well it's no surprise that the Met have failed to take any conclusive action. They're presumably far too busy  beating up protesters and having lunch with dodgy journalists to spend time investigating crimes against "normal" people.


Perhaps an airing on Crimewatch will bring some results.