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20 July 2011 | News | By: Dean Nicholas

New Images Of Commonwealth Institute

New Images Of Commonwealth Institute

Last week we were fortunate enough to take a look around the Commonwealth Institute as it stands today. Now, a vision of the long-neglected building and its surroundings as it will look once it re-opens as the new home of the Design Museum.

The masterplan for the Institute's regeneration is being drawn up by Dutch practice OMA, hence the images focus largely on the exterior (the building's innards are being remodelled by minimalist Brit architect John Pawson, himself the subject of a recent retrospective). The most conspicuous additions are the three low-rise residential blocks; regrettably, one of them is parked right in front of the Institute, effectively cutting off views of the building from Hammersmith Road.

Still, full marks for using tiny little figures for the interior images, avoiding (for the most part) those white silhouettes that many lazier firms rely on.

See more images at Building Design.

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Those low-rise cubes look a bit like the proposed US embassy in Nine Elms. It's a Borg invasion fleet.


About as exciting as vanilla yoghurt

Peter Delfgou

Exactly what this area doesn't need. Kensington is one of the most dense parts of London and will now have three more huge tower blocks. This plus the Hammersmith Road development are a planning disgrace.
Chelsfield gives London a white elephant and in return get to construct hundreds of expensive flats for foreigners and make loads of money. Londoners will not be able to afford to live here!!! These three tower blocks will ruin the views from Holland Park - what were the planners thinking of?
Sadly local residents are powerless to stop these arranged developments.
What is needed here is a community project. Hammersmith has The Lyric Theatre complex, Riverside Studios and The Apollo. All poular venues enjoyed by local people. Kensington has nothing. How often will we be tempted to browse in a Design Centre?
Where is Richard Branson - HELP!