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13 July 2011 | Maps | By: M@

More London Oddness In Google Maps

More London Oddness In Google Maps

Don't you just love Google Maps? Not only is it a wonderful tool, but it's also riddled with amusing bugs.

If you zoom out to see the whole of the British Isles, London shrinks to the singularity known as Barnet.

Meanwhile, we note that a popular burger chain has opened mid-way across Tower Bridge.

Southwark Station is, for reasons unknown, labelled in Japanese. (Hat tip to reader @yenooi)

The capital's first underwater theatre appears to have vanished. We spotted the Adelphi mid-river a few months ago, but it's no longer submerged on the live map.

And who could forget?

Let us know if you've spotted other examples of Google howlers.


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Rachel Holdsworth

Apologies for the heinous crime of linking to my own blog, but a couple of months ago I noticed that Glenda Jackson had appeared on the map at Westminster, but marked as "Reported to not exist". That's quite an existential crisis:
(It's gone now, of course. Has anyone seen Glenda herself lately?)

Chris Pople

South Kensington tube station appears to have been renamed as "Carluccios"...

West Hampstead

This great GMaps mistake I spotted a year ago is still there: http://twitpic.com/27ize0


The one thing that bugs me most... If you search for London Bridge on Google maps, it instantly drops you on Tower Bridge


Not London related, but ask Google Maps for directions from China to Taiwan, and have a look at instruction number 48.

Gaspard Winckler

Google Maps recently suggested to me that the best walking route between my Zone 2 flat and Sunderland involved a trip to Holland and two ferries.


If you type in London Bridge in the directions (say St John Street to London Bridge) it send you to Tower Bridge.


And Avis car hire Liverpool St is slap bang in the middle of The Tower  of London


Apparently the Duck Pond house nr the Cabinet War Rooms in St James Park is a pharmacy ....


White City is apparently German, being known as White Stadt.


The British Museum on Twitter is marked as The British Library.
London St Pancras is on there twice...


Not sure I would have fancied being in Russell Square on the day the Aerial Photos were taken .... I can only assume they use Satalite photographs these days 

Adam Christie

There's a cinema on King Street in Hammersmith with a name in Japanese.


Victoria Station is called "The Victoria" !


...and Mezzanine in the South Bank Centre is in (I think) Hebrew.


Did wonder about Southwark Station... Oddest I found was working in Mongolia and in Xinjiang, China, where several Ohio towns showed up. For London, though, the Russell Square 'sculpture' is still my fave ;>


I once found another place in Japanese!! I should have taken a print screen!!


White City seems to be German - it's labelled as "White Stadt"


KFC in tottenham


In google earth (and google maps apparently) there is a narwhal in the Thames across from Millbank Tower. It can be seen in Google Earth at 51°29’30.82″ N 0°07’28.59″ .

Steve James

The Transport Museum in Covent Garden is labelled as Acton Depot


If you zoom in reasonably close north of Hoborn tube you will see that part of Southampton Row have been names 'Northampton Row'.  Which section?  The Northern section of course.

Laura Porter

I searched for 'Tower of London' and Google Maps pinpointed the Palace of Westminster/Houses of Parliament/Big Ben. Oops.


Are we still collecting these?  Search on Balcombe Street, NW1  , zoom in once and the street is renamed after a famous historical event.


Apparently Hackney's Daubeney Road, on the junction of Redwald Road, is host to:

"The Office of Deputy Prime Minister of Kingdom of God" http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?...