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08 July 2011 | Books & Poetry, Maps | By: Rachel Holdsworth

London Literary Locations: Jane Austen

London Literary Locations: Jane Austen

Jane Austen's characters tend to live sheltered lives out in the country or taking the waters at Bath, so finding a London mention in one of her novels comes as something of  a treat. Particularly when you realise, as we have over the last few days, that most of the more salacious episodes happen in 'town': Maria Rushworth runs off with Henry Crawford from a house in Wimpole Street, Lydia and Wickham hole up in the City before Mr Darcy sniffs them out, and London is the setting for poor Marianne's discovery of what a scoundrel Willoughby truly is.

We've been out and taken some photos of the more important locations, as well as two places where Jane Austen stayed. We've also mapped all the locations we could find mentioned in the books:

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Blue - Emma
Red - Lady Susan
Green - Mansfield Park
Turquoise - Northanger Abbey
Purple - Pride and Prejudice
Green without black dot - Sanditon
Yellow - Sense and Sensibility
Red without black dot - The Watsons
Pink - Jane Austen's residences

Other Literary Locations: Mrs Dalloway, Saturday, Gods Behaving Badly, White Teeth, The Borribles. We've since amended the caption for 23 Hans Place - the house where Jane Austen stayed was destroyed and this building erected in the mid 19th century.

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Great article thanks


finally! I am a huge Jane Austen fan and have been looking and looking for something I could see in London that ties to her. I don't have time to go out to Bath where all the tourist attractions seem to be. Thanks for this post.