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22 July 2011 | Maps, News | By: Dean Nicholas

3D Models Of London Buildings Come To Google Maps

3D Models Of London Buildings Come To Google Maps

Google has introduced vector graphics-powered 3D models of London buildings to Google Maps for the Android platform

On a suitably equipped mobile device, the user can zoom in and tilt to get a sense of scale; thanks to Martin Deutsch for sending in some of the photographs above which illustrate giw tgus wirj. Some parts of the city densely covered with buildings (around Holborn, for example), while others are less so, and some of the capital's more notable buildings, like Battersea Power Station, are  yet to be rendered. Others, like the Shard and the Gherkin, are in need of a few design tweaks.

The desktop version of Google Maps also includes 3D models of many buildings, though at present it lacks the ability to pan and tilt.

But seriously, what are you still reading this for? Go explore. Now. And report back here any oddities or interesting things that you find.

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I wonder if the dodgy Shard render is actually showing the footprint of the previous building on the site, which had three wings as shown here.

Dean Nicholas

Could be, though I think it might actually be the Shard, but with the cranes surrounding it mistakenly rendered into slabs.