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Share Your Acts Of Tube Kindness

Share Your Acts Of Tube Kindness

Tell artist Michael Landy about acts of kindness you've seen or experienced on the tube and you could find them spreading a little joy through Central line stations from next month (and god knows, the Central line needs a little joy).

Landy - perhaps most famous for destroying all his belongings in the old C&A shop (now Primark) on Oxford Street in 2001 - wants to celebrate those moments when people break out of their tube bubble to help one another out. He says

This project is about feeling a sense of being connected to each other. That's what "kindness" means – we're kin, we're of one kind.

So whether you've seen someone explain the mysteries of the tube map to a baffled tourist, give up their seat to a weary traveller or help carry a heavy bag or pushchair - or if you've been on the receiving end or are the good Samaritan yourself - just fill in the online form. You never know, you might end up inspiring more acts of kindness. But hopefully not in a schmaltzy, starring-Haley-Joel-Osment kind of way.

Let's have less Deception at Holland Park / photo by jtweed from the Londonist Flickr pool

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