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22 June 2011 | News | By: M@

New Banksy Street Art Mentions Tox

New Banksy Street Art Mentions Tox

Banksy offers up a tribute to graffiti writer Tox in his latest piece. Tox, in case you've never looked out of a train window, is one of London's most notorious taggers, and was recently convicted of criminal damage. Getting featured in a piece by Banksy will no doubt irk the authorities, raising his profile to new heights.

Update: We have a location - it's the corner of Jeffrey's Street and Kentish Town Road, NW1. (Thanks to commenter 'Buster's Dad'.)

Banksy also offers up this tribute to peace campaigner Brian Haw, who died a few days ago. The image can be found on the homepage of Banksy's website.


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Marie-Eve Vallières

I can't wait to know where it is. As always, brilliant work. My first live Bansky! All his work was painted over before I got the chance to actually see it.

Buster's Dad

Its on the corner of Kentish Town Road and Jeffreys Street NW1


^ what he said. saw it today while on the 24.


Cheers guys. Have added to the post.


Banksy's requiem to Brian Haw is a bit shit really isn't it - I think Brian would prefer Banksy to use his fame to promote peaceful messages instead of just affiliate himself with credible people.

This also applies to the TOX tag, couldn't he say something about graffiti legislation instead of just name dropping and affiliating himself with real writers?

Richard from Londonist

It's on Jeffrey's St (http://is.gd/p9RQnD) in Camden - not sure which end yet


lol I live in this flat. And I'm moving out today, sigh.

Buster's Dad

^ Take it with you!!!

Buster's Dad

don’t bother to go and see this now it’s just been covered
up with wood? Probably Scamden Council wanting to sell it...


It's been covered over with wooden panels already. Shame. I walk past it to get to work and it makes the journey a bit more interesting


Saw this as I was leaving for work at 7AM this morning. Some guy was videoing it. We both discussed whether it was real or a wannabe. Bit surprised Banksy would criminally damage someone private property. He's worth enough to make it worthwhile to sue him for damages. The owner has now covered it up. I wonder if he is plotting how to remove it and make a killing.

A. Tenant

Jeffery's Street is a conservation area. I heard that at least one local resident wants it whitewashed, so it's been temporarily covered up for protection/preservation.


This is the hypocrisy, 'conserve' Banksy's and jail Tox because he is deemed as 'less talented', what a ridiculous situaltion.


Eine the jumped up little prick apparently attended court to describe the Tox tag as lacking in flair and originality. That is rich coming from a man who has repulsive star tattoos plastered all over his pasty malnourished arms that lack in both originality and artistic merit and which have disfigured him permanently. I think Banksy is taking the piss out of Tox.  I think he is suggesting a child with his eyes closed to do what he did. Tox may lack in artistic merit but he tagged places that Banksy would never dare tag because he hasn't the balls. And maybe Tox does have a defence after all. Tox is short presumably for the word toxic.  Perhaps he was trying to tell you all what a toxic planet we live on and what a toxic way of life you all lead. That is what I thought when I first saw his tags. Every time I see his tags I smile. At least you can read whast he has written which is a step up from most graffiti scrawled all over the streets of London.  I grew up in London.  Graffiti on the railways is part of the character of London and in fact of most major cities. Perhaps Tox needs a new defence barrister. I would say Tox had a lawful excuse arguably for tagging what he did as he did. The words "lawful excuse" are wholly undefined if you read the legislation that makes criminal damage an offence. Since when was a subjective view that work has artistic merit ever part of the law pertaining to criminal damage? It is not.  The prosecuting barrister erred in his judgment when he stated that the reason why Banksy should not be prosecuted and Tox should is because Banksy's work has artistic merit. I look at the Brian Haw tribute and I think what a poor artist he is but that is a subjective opinion and like I say the law is not concerned with whether something has artistic merit or not.  The government makes law and the courts interpret it.  If the government wants to change the law so that anyone with artistic merit has permission to graffiti public spaces then that is up to them. But that is not the law as it stands.  You have to have a lawful excuse as the law stands.  Arguably highlighting the toxic state of the world we live in, which is fact, gave Tox a lawful excuse to do what he did.    It is a God awful state of affairs that Tox has been sent to prison for non violent offences.    If he didn't plead guilty I suggest he appeals to the Court of Appeal his conviction on the basis of a point of law and he appeals any custodial sentence as wring in principle and manifestly excessive. 


I say Tox has a lawful excuse for doing what he did as he did it.  It seems you are all too dumb to figure out what he meant.  Our planet is in  state of emergency. It is rotted place where children have no future and capitalism operates without any ethical code. The poor are poorer than they ever have been and the rich richer than they ever have been.  Most people have no quality of life so 1% of the population can live in luxury.   It is a toxic world.  Tox has nothing to lose by appealing.  The Court of Appeal cannot increase any sentence he receives.  And I suggest he appeals his conviction too, again, he has nothing to lose by doing so. I am not sure if Tox pleaded guilty or not.  If he pleaded guilty it is very unlikely he could challenge his conviction but if he didn't plead guilty then he could appeal on the basis of a point of law, namely that he had a lawful excuse for doing what he did.  If any of Tox's friends want to help him out I suggest they do so now before he ends up banged up for years. A banker commits a financial crime worth let us say for argument sake £500K which is probably more than it would cost to remove the Tox tag and he is very unlikely to end up jailed.  For that reason I don't see why Tox should be banged up either. And I do not see why he should be jailed for non violent offences.  And the BTP cannot argue when Tox is sentenced that it has cost them loads a money to clear up his tags because we all know they have done nothing of the sort as they are all I think still in existence today.  Tagging hurts nobody and it certainly doesn't harm the environment.  All of you lazy stupid people who drive cars and who consume greedily are destroying our environment. You are toxic not Tox.   If Tox wants me to recommend some good law firms to represent him from now on his friends need only post their request here with a place I can contact them via and I will do what I can. 


 Sorry I should say that the Court of Appeal would be very unlikely to increase any sentence he receives and he could appeal his conviction on the basis of a point of law regardless of whether he pleaded guilty or not.  I say this because I think it is blindingly obvious and clear what Tox meant when he sprayed Tox (short for toxic) all over London's railways.  And actually I think he could appeal on the basis that there was no evidence that could prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is responsible for all of the Tox tags because evidence was presented to the court that it was not possible to say this given the simplicity of the Tox tag.  Just because they have evidence of him tagging a few places does not mean they have evidence that he is responsible for all the Tox tags we see today. You can convict on the basis of circumstantial evidence and I am not privy to all of the facts and all of the circumstances surrounding this case but I do think that Tox could be represented much more competently than he is being now. I know that I care about the planet, do you? And I believe that the message is clear.  You are toxic, you are toxic, you are toxic, you are toxic etc.


And actually I think the Banksy tribute to Brian Haw rather lacking in love and care.  How long did it take him to throw that rubbish together? Brian Haw dedicated 9 years of his life to peaceful protest against war.  And Banksy decided all he needed to do was spend 5 minutes cobbling that shit together to commemorate him. I think what he did thoughtless and distasteful and careless and a insult to Brian Haw's memory.  


Stop and think about this.  I may be mad and missing the point but I don't care.  Maybe the simplicity of the Tox tag is what it makes it so appealing.  Surely even a single cell organism could not fail to appreciate what he was trying to say - you are toxic, your are toxic, you are toxic etc. and so on a million times.  I think Banksy thinks even a blindfolded child could do what Tox did. I think Banksy's message is clear.  Perhaps that makes Banksy rather stupid and cruel actually.  Can Banksy please comment on whether he finds it equally hilarious that a 26 year old man who has never harmed anyone is now in jail and he is facing a lengthy custodial sentence.


There are two blokes there right now covering it with a plastic sheet in order to presrve it and stop people doing graffiti over it! brilliant!


They are taking good care...



Someone has now pierced the plastic sheet and poured paint through the hole. There is a 3d model white rat holding a heart shaped lolly embossed with 'I stole banksy'