Man Walks On Water, UFOs Over London...Silly Season Is Here

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Man Walks On Water, UFOs Over London...Silly Season Is Here

"Let's go home, Kang. They're all idiots."

The summer silly season was heralded with a double dose of dupery today.

First we hear tell of flying saucers over central London. This impressive video shows whizzing objects high over the Soho skies, apparently accelerating faster than human technology would allow. Has the alien fleet finally arrived? A better question might be 'Is it mere coincidence that the video was shot among the densest collection of post-production houses in Europe'?

More questions from Sky News this morning, who ask 'Is Magician's Walk On Water Genuine?'. This is the story of illusionist 'Dynamo', who apparently walked unaided to the middle of the Thames without sinking. Well, of course it's not genuine, just a very clever illusion. We don't know how he did it, but he's an illusionist. It's an illusion. And given that there are only two photographs of the stunt online, and no video footage, our scepticism runs a little deeper than the magician's footsteps.

Last Updated 27 June 2011


There is nothing silly about UFO's!


The UFOs are just a viral promo. Look out for more over the next few weeks :-)

S Kalsi

I saw lights in the sky just like the ones in the video, two days ago.

Nick Stamp

The "Is Magician’s Walk On Water Genuine?" headline reminds me of a simple principle I read years ago (I can't remember where now) which I take pleasure in proving the truth of every day: Every time you see a rhetorical question used as a headline, the answer is a) Obvious and b) "No".  Try it, you won't be disappointed...


The walking on water images are extremely badly put together. The man looks completely out of place: the focus and the lighting are all wrong.

Ben F

Because UFOs and illusionists have so much in common. :P I think the writer is absolutely dishonest and treating their readers as stupid. But it's typical of people who feel the need to assert intellectual dominance over others. Some people base entire careers off of UFO denialism.  It wouldn't matter if one landed on their foot. They'd still cover their eyes and mumble, "no,no,no,no,no,no..."




I just watched a video of him walking on water. Nice research Matt Brown. (Only two photo's my arse)