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27 June 2011 | News | By: Dean Nicholas

How Tower Bridge Will Look For The Olympics

How Tower Bridge Will Look For The Olympics

Tower Bridge will be festooned with a set of huge Olympic rings, and the three Paralympic agitos (that's this symbol if you're unfamiliar with sporting iconography) during next summer's games, reports eagle-eyed local website SE1, which has perused the planning documents and pulled out the above image.

St. Pancras station is already sporting a similar set of rings, and it's a sure bet that they'll become a familiar site the nearer we get to 27 July 2012.

Though perhaps not the most original of decorations for the crossing, which was opened 117 years ago this Thursday, it's preferable to the plans (thankfully aborted) to turn the bridge into a giant advertisment that were floated by Southwark council last year.

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Technically, that means the height of the active portion of the bridge is restricted, so they'll have to hang a bale of straw from there as well.

Unless they impose a ban on boats going under the bascules at the same time.


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