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04 May 2011 | News, Transport | By: BethPH

Tube Strike Dates Announced

Tube Strike Dates Announced

The RMT have announced strike dates for tube drivers in May and June.

There’s not much notice involved either, with the walkouts set for between nine and 24 hours from Monday 16 May to Friday 20 May and again from Monday 13 June to Friday 17 June.

Union members were balloted last month in the continued dispute over two workers the RMT claim were unfairly dismissed. Needless to say, there’s a gap between both sides’ version of events, with TfL saying one man was sacked for breaching safety rules and the other for behaving in an abusive manner to colleagues while the RMT say both were sacked for union activism.

Whatever the actual story may be, the end result is a deadlock in negotiations for TfL and the unions and a long walk to work for Londoners.

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Mark Walley

Not that I'm not bored with moaning about tube strikes, but THIS IS STUPID. Both fired men have taken it to an employment tribunal. Both are awaiting the result of that tribunal. By striking before the tribunal comes to a decision and while that decision may well be that they were both guilty of misconduct, the RMT are saying they don't care about the tribunal already. Tribunal's exist to protect the workers, but by these actions they are undermining the tribunal's decision and so undermining their own workers.

Chris Bathe

Having been made redundant within the last 2 yrs. Only now finding a job paid by the hour. If I don't work I don't get paid! I have no sympathy. Bob Crow in Woodford, Children privately educated, living in property we (taxpayers support).
Do your union know your income is >150K p.a.
Who's the mug? LU employees or the travellers.


Very unfair, we pay so much for public transport and then they still strike. Think all the people that use public transport should strike, as they wouldnt have a job today, if we didnt use the public transport!


Should just replace the whole lot of them with people that actually need a job. People out there that actually want to work.