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Top 10 Things @ Land Of Kings 2011

Top 10 Things @ Land Of Kings 2011

Part II of Dalston's two-night bender coincided with Royal Wedding day. For those who missed the Kingsland Road party last week, here's our top 10 favourite happenings from the night.

1. Girl Core hosting at The Alibi
Somewhere around 1am, we'd drunk too much and were getting sleepy. We walked into The Alibi and after an initial quiet moment huge amounts of bass was pumping out of orange megaphone speakers, the crowd was stirred and suddenly the joint was bursting with dancing. Isa GT, Romy XX and Naomi. House, Electro, Hip Hop, Techno, Zouk. Great music, lots of bonhomie, loads of dancing, our best bit by far.

2. Crab Racing at Prince William Hill
Every half hour live hermit crab racing took place in this dingy, damp bunker, lit by only a few candles. All the excitement of rule-breaking gambling with the ridiculousness of the hermit crab, a nice little break from the beats, and much fun.

3. Soul Jazz Sound System at MC Motors
This was where to pick up your luminous pink wristband to get you started and what a perfect way to begin the night! It felt like walking into a place where sunshine pervades, mixing of reggae, disco and Brazilian music. Unfortunately we had to rush off too soon because of...

4. Too Many DJs at Magnolia Banqueting Suite
Part of what made this so special was walking into the satin wonderland. The suite was draped in white cloth like a big ugly 80's party dress. The 600 strong crowd welcomed the esteemed 2 Many DJs for a predictably good dance.

5. Jahcoozi at Efes
With so much frivolity to be had this night, a bit of serious electronica was in order at some point. It was kind of pretty, a bit cool, a bit dirty and a lot good.

6. Hackney WI hosting the Royal Wedding at Old Boys Club
Looking down on us benignly whilst displaying themselves in the buff, two male portraits watched us have an indoor street party. Cheering, booing, champers, big ears, tea and bacon butties made this a gleeful event.

7. In Flagranti at Stone Cave
Stone Cave is usually a restaurant, which really does look like a cave with its mock-stone plastered ceiling decorated with Moroccan hanging lamps. In Flagranti's cheery but easy disco suited it to a tee, the water feature at the back of the room the icing on the cake. People were grooving, and yet it was comfortable enough for one little king to take a nap!

8. Random DJs at Old Boys Club
Back in this gorgeous, rickety old place for the second time, it was late, and a rag tag bunch of stragglers remained. Random music seemed to be being thrown on the decks and a wonderful atmosphere ensued, with some very silly dancing. A wooden armchair backed by an over-sized mirror was flavour of the night.

9. The Friendliness
Of everyone at the festival, not a tangible thing but a maker on this kind of night.

10. Idjut Boys at Dreams
We looked in on an empty room, as everyone else was hiding downstairs. Pure disco, but a little bit messed with.

What were your favourite things about Land of Kings? Let us know in the comments.

By Jemma Bicknell

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