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17 May 2011 | By: StuartCox

Tommy Nutter: Rebel On The Row @ Fashion & Textile Museum

Tommy Nutter: Rebel On The Row @ Fashion & Textile Museum

Savile Row 1969: Tommy Nutter, the maverick tailor, opens his doors.  Described variously as glamorous, charismatic, discreet, eccentric and a man of wit and humour, London's sartorial enfant terrible was a tailoring rebel who dressed the celebrities of the Sixties.

Tommy Nutter's star-studded roster included the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Cilla Black (who was also a business partner), Sir Hardy Amies, Lord and Lady Harlech, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, the Duke of Bedford and Sir Roy Strong.

The Fashion and Textile Museum hosted a very special behind the scenes look at a new exhibition of his work, enabling us to view it as it was being built. We also met curators Timothy Everest and Dennis Nothdruft who offered an insight into the staging of an unusual and excellent fashion history lesson.

The entrance to the show will represent traditional pre-1969 Savile Row with discreet front doors, brass plaques and the like, but inside you'll see what happened when Mr Nutter arrived. Exhibition space will include many of the clothes owned and worn by the glitterati of the era, a reconstruction of the actual shop and interactive demonstrations by today's Savile Row tailors in a replica cutting room.

Tommy Nutter: Rebel On The Row opens on 20 May at Fashion and Textile Museum, 83 Bermondsey Street SE1 3XF. Admission £7 adults, £4 concessions. A series of talks and workshops accompanies the exhibition.

Article and Pictures by Stuart Cox & Angelina South

Dominic Sebag Montefiore

I hear Savile Row Tailor Edward Sexton, who made most of Tommy Nutter's early work will also be giving master-classes at the Museum

Dominic Sebag Montefiore

 You can find some great old Nutters press cuttings at:


Will Field

Using the word Maverick along side Tommy Nutters name seems very fitting! I actually had the pleasure of trying on a replica of his jacket made up by his original tailor Edward in Holland and Sherry fabric in their showroom on Savile Row! a beautiful striking prince of wales pattern, liked it so much in fact I used a similar cloth for my own wedding suit minus the Nutters famed high roped shoulders though! http://www.henryherbert.com/do...