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18 April 2011 | News | By: Lindsey

London Marathon 2011 In Pictures

London Marathon 2011 In Pictures

Well done to everyone who ran the London Marathon yesterday. The Metro picks up on the wedding, the Will Young, the world records and the war horse among the 35,000 people participating.

But we want to say a special congratulations to Dave Hill — champion of London bloggers — who ran through every London borough for his training, giving us plenty to consume from the comfort of our sedentary positions. He's also laid down the gauntlet to us all, thus: "how can any self-respecting London blogger and commentator be worthy of the description without having taken part in the capital's greatest sporting and mass participation event?.

Putting his feet and your money where his mouth is, Dave ran for Shelter, reflecting his concern for London's housing crisis. Top up his total and help ease the day after agony by donating via his Virgin Money Giving page now.

All pictures were shared in the Londonist Flickrpool and there are many more to look at but thanks for this selection to McTumshie, Jai Grieve, normko, Stuart-Lee, row-h, Massimo Usai, Annie Mole, Mike King, Pic.tures & Stuart Cox.


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