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04 April 2011 | Maps | By: M@

London Alphabet In Google Maps

London Alphabet In Google Maps

An alternative London A-Z. Images from Google satellite view showing bits of the capital that look a little like letters of the alphabet. Can you work out the locations? For a clue, hover over the image to see the file name. If you can find better examples of particular letters, pipe up in the comments.

While compiling this, we discovered someone else has put together a similar alphabet for the whole of the UK.


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Joe Dunckley

I know there's a better 'F' on the roof of ITN, Grays Inn Road.

The building at the fork of Holborn and New Oxford Street makes a very stylish 'A' when rotated.

A good 'R' would be difficult, but take a look at Canada Water and turn it a few degrees clockwise.