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01 April 2011 | Maps, Transport | By: M@

Improbable New Tube Map Emerges

Improbable New Tube Map Emerges

A radical shake-up of the Tube network has emerged. Suspiciously appearing on the morning of April 1, it shows a number of key changes to the transport network. Various lines have been diverted and extended, including a Bakerloo link to Clapham Junction, meandering District and Circle lines and, oh joy, a Victoria link to Brighton Pier.

The map appears on the Love/Hate Travel website, which encourages commuters to share their travel loves and hates online. Would the proposed changes make your commute better or worse?


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With the exception of Brighton, the other changes seem to make some sense to me


Also, the file name kind of gives it away...

Simon Mac

Ah, if only the Bakerloo Line were extended to Elephant & Castle, eh? Oh, hang on, it was. In 1906 ;o)


So much for Bank...