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14 March 2011 | News | By: M@

Clapham Common To Become Camp Site For Royal Wedding

Clapham Common To Become Camp Site For Royal Wedding

Doubtless, London will be a little busier on 29 April, as the crowds gather for the royal wedding. Those frustrated in seeking an affordable hotel room may have another option: a camping pitch on Clapham Common.

The south London open space could accommodate up to 10,000 people, reckon would-be tent-masters Camp Royale. The company hopes to offer something a little more classy than your typical canvas collective. We're promised a giant television screen, a 'luxury zone' with sheepskin rugs and giant teepees, hot showers, toilets, full security and...get this...free tea.

But is the three-day extravaganza a done deal? According to the BBC, Lambeth Council won't say if a licence has been granted, whereas the Mail (last updated before the BBC post) has a council spokesperson bigging up the event. Confusing. And despite positive reporting it's impossible to believe there won't be a few voices of local opposition a la the On Blackheath festival.

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For those who want to see the Royal Wedding and thought it would cost too much.x

Dan Brown

What Claphamite said.

I'm not against a giant TV, security and toilets for an afternoon (which is terribly magnanimous of me), but making it Wedstock for 3 days is a ludicrous idea.


Surely it would make more sense to do this in Hyde Park? Bigger, more central, with better transport links, better infrastructure for feeding people, and more experience holding large events?


Is Clapham Common in Wandsworth?

Michael H Reed

Why camp out in Clapham when you can join the other campers in parliament square and get front row seats!


Half of Clapham Common is in Wandsworth


I think its a great idea.


Sounds fantastic, as does On Blackheath.

Incidentally, On Blackheath has a consultation event at the TA centre on the Heath on Friday. I'm looking forward to it.

Terry Cee

Clapham Common, camping? This is new?


I'm going to get waterproof sleeping bag, 'cos its bound to pee it down. Oceansleepwear do them for yachts but should do just as well on CC!

Richard Jones

How much do you think this is actually going to cost per pitch? I'm sure it will be some sort of obscene amount - also watch the bar prices go up around the common. Sorry to be a cynic, but if this hasn't been officially sorted yet. you can bet it will be a bit of a nightmare!


Getting my backside out of town for this one I think. I live near the Common and hate to think what kind of a mess it'll get left in :-(


Seeing as Lambeth have just put up their parking prices from £2.60 per day to £18.75 (700% increase!) I'm hoping that they will be charging an extortionate amount to camp which will keep most people away. Long live the Queen!!


Why would you want to camp out there????

Dudley the stylist

Clapham Common people are  nasty and horrible people who are not middle class even if they are they are boring misfits who think they are better than everyone else, but lower class and actually have a few chips on their shoulders. There is a mixture of gentile like 2% but the rest are down and out ragheads who think they are professionals but only hold basic office jobs.