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02 December 2010 | News | By: Dean Nicholas

'Quill' Tower Approved For Southwark

'Quill' Tower Approved For Southwark

Southwark council this week gave planning permission to The Quill, a pair of interlinked tine-topped towers on Weston Street near  London Bridge station, despite significant opposition from both local residents and a thumbs-down from Cabe.

Plans for the towers, which rise to a height of 110m and are intended as student accommodation, had earlier been slammed by Cabe, the outgoing design watchdog, as having an "ungainly form" and being "over complicated". They might have a point: the vaguely sinister blade-like forms crowning the top, the portentous name and the fumbling attempt to connect conceptually to the local area, are reminiscent of some  overambitious project in, say, Reading, not something that'll be sitting (literally and figuratively) within the shadow of an elegant building like The Shard.

Southwark residents seemed similarly unimpressed. As reported by SE1, this week's planning meeting was a standing room only-affair, with many of those in attendance opposing the scheme. Despite this, the committee voted 5-2 in favour of granting permission.

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Well, I always like to see something a little different going up, even if it is a bit ungainly. Never seen anything quite like that crown of thorns on the main tower. Some kind of giant-pigeon deterrent? The sloping roof of the smaller block reminds me of the Strata Tower, seen from the side.


I think it looks great. So many buildings that are now icons of their time were originally panned or opposed, and I can see this one falling under that category. Thanks for posting about it!


Yup - plonk this in Reading and everyone will be happy


Is there perhaps a tinge of 'Not In My Back Yard' ?!!

I think it is a stunning design - and complements the Shard nicely. London Bridge will be an amazing destination with iconic architecture.

But as 'aladyinlondon' says - so many iconic buildings were opposed initially....I love it!