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Week Around The Ists

By M@
Week Around The Ists

What's been happening in the other 'ist' cities this week...

Gothamist found out that police busted drug dealers via Google Street View. (see pic)
  • Chicagoist and its readers discussed the discovery of a suspicious briefcase that shut down a train line for a spell and Illinois making a play for Wisconsin's high-speed rail funding.
  • Shanghaiist took on xiaolongbao, aka soup dumplings, this week, pointing out numerous great non-touristy locations to try Shanghai's most well known snack.
  • Seattlest watched the Four Loko fly off the shelves after the state approved a ban on caffeinated booze, and mourned the passing of a local baseball icon—even if the rest of the country hardly noticed.
  • Bostonist is beat after watching the Celtics beat the Heat (again), a Bruins fan beating up a bathroom, and the Better Business Bureau getting beat up over its ratings process.
  • DCist and its readers were up in arms after two members of a federal commission suggested eliminating the Smithsonian Institution's relatively small appropriation and instituting an admission fee at all the Institution's museums and facilities.
  • LAist contemplated the intelligence of Angelenos, and the accuracy or survey-takers.
  • SFist wondered if San Francisco would ban circumcision, too, in light of the city recently barring Happy Meal toys.
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