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04 November 2010 | News | By: Dean Nicholas

London Pulls Out Of World Athletics Championship Bid

London Pulls Out Of World Athletics Championship Bid

1802_stadium.jpg Ministers have decided to pull London's bid for the 2015 World Athletics Championship, little more than two weeks before the winner is announced. The bid, which was announced in March, has been scuppered by ongoing uncertainty surrounding the fate of the Olympic stadium: the rival bids, principally those of West Ham and Spurs, differ on the question of retaining the running track, a sina qua non for athletics tournaments. Sports fans won't be best pleased by the news, but London may have dodged a bullet here: our successful bid for the 2005 Championship was hamstrung when the planned venue, a £87 million stadium in Picketts Lock, Edmonton, fell victim to the Government's axe in 2001. The Championship is now likely to be held in Beijing, the sole remaining bidder.

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