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17 September 2010 | By: Dean Nicholas

Limited-Edition Boris Bikes Hit Street

Limited-Edition Boris Bikes Hit Street

A press release from TfL proudly states that, as part of London Fashion Week, a limited number of Cycle Hire bikes featuring designs by Jean-Pierre Braganza will be launched today. Unfortunately for TfL, Mr. Braganza isn't the only person who thinks the bikes need a little extra design work.

Several readers emailed in pictures yesterday showing how a number of bikes have been less-than subtly altered through the addition of a certain four-letter expletive above the ubiquitous Barclays logo. The defaced bikes were reported at a docking station in Kensington, while the picture by Dan Krijgsman above has them at Fashion Street, E1.

They're not the most creative amendments to the design, and certainly not the first. On launch day several were adorned with anti-Barclays messages, while we also spotted one last month in Bishopsgate, with the Barclays logo replaced with one for Barfly.

What's your favourite new design, and have you seen any more?

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