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07 September 2010 | News | By: M@

Today: Historic Flyover To Mark Blitz

Today: Historic Flyover To Mark Blitz


The 70th anniversary of the start of the Blitz will be marked today with a memorial service and a flyover of period aircraft. The service at St Paul's will be attended by those who lived and worked through the onslaught, including nurses, pilots and fire-fighters. There will also be plenty for the general public to see, with a military march-past outside the cathedral. If you're in central London, look to the skies around 12.30 for another flyover of historic aircraft, including a Spitfire and a Hurricane. Meanwhile, Radio 4 is running a series of short programmes on how the Blitz affected other cities around the UK, and the Culture Show considers the art of WWII. Image by Sinister Pictures in the Londonist Flickr pool.


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HI - may I mention http://myunclefred.blogspot.co... where I'm putting up the war - WWII - diaries of my Uncle Fred who lived in what is now SW20? And thanks for your news! - Tony