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01 September 2010 | Food & Drink | By: tikichris

Fish Tacos Tuesdays at Tortilla

Fish Tacos Tuesdays at Tortilla

Photography by Chris Osburn

Right tasty fish tacos may now be had at the Market Place location of London-based “Californian-Mexican” restaurant chain, Tortilla. At the moment, these pescatarian friendly comidas are only available Tuesdays from noon to 9pm. But if the tacos prove popular, there's a possibility they may gain full time status and could be added to the menus at all Tortilla restaurants.

Londonist was asked round to give them a try yesterday. Made on-site with fresh, sustainably sourced, line-caught pollock and Icelandic cod, marinated in chillies, coriander, lime juice and olive oil, then pan-fried - we found our basket of two tacos to be a most agreeable lunch … and very good value at £4.95. We recommend having yours with a some salsa fresca, chargrilled red peppers, lettuce and a dab of soured cream on a corn tortilla, but a range of toppings and condiments (and flour tortillas) are on offer.

Just this side of a lunchtime rush, we enjoyed yesterday's meal (had some delish guac with corn chips while there as well). It had been quite awhile since we'd been to Tortilla, but we reckon the fish taco is probably the restaurant's best item. We also think Tortilla has come quite some ways since we first mentioned them back in early '08.

Tortilla's Fish Tacos Tuesdays happen at 6 Market Place (W1W 8AH). Visit www.tortilla.co.uk for more information about Tortilla and its London restaurants.


The Tortilla at Canary Wharf is awful. Terrible service, a very badly put-together burrito with a comically bad ratio of the different ingredients (seriously, it would've been about 75% rice if I hadn't complained), and a really unclean eating environment too. They'll have to improve, otherwise the new(ish) Wahaca nearby will nick their lunch, so to speak.

I think it's just that particular branch though of Tortilla though; the one in Upper Street has its shit together.

Chris Osburn

Haven't been to the CW location. Not a huge fan of the one on Upper Street but can't say a bad word about service there (and it has been awhile since I visited). I thought the Market Place spot was really comfy, efficient, friendly ... and I wasn't expecting to like the fish tacos nearly as much as I did.