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24 August 2010 | News | By: Dean Nicholas

Blackfriars Station To Be Renamed?

Blackfriars Station To Be Renamed?

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Simon Hughes MP and his fellow Lib Dem London Assembly member, Caroline Pidgeon, are calling for Blackfriars station to be re-named. When the new cross-Thames platforms open in 2012, the station will benefit from an additional, transpontine entrance on the South Bank. The pair of politicos are calling for a change of name to reflect this: 'Blackfriars & Bankside' is their preferred choice. Network Rail are apparently "sympathetic" to the proposal. Station re-names are relatively rare in London: though Shepherd's Bush recently got its Market, other locally-backed bids to introduce East Kilburn, Banglatown, Whittington and Brick Lane onto the map have fallen short.

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The bridge was originally named after a former Prime Minister before being renamed after the local Friary.

Maybe we should return it to its original name.

William Pitt Station anyone?


This is stupid, it's on thousands of maps, hundreads of trains DMI systems, announcements, etc. Blackfriers bridge also goes to southwark, but people don't seem to mill around the south end of confused about where they are...

I'm sure sympathetic means 'no' anyway...


'Blackfriars & Bankside' would surely end up being shortened to B&B or Blackside.

Best not meddle.


I don't think it's a bad idea, actually. The station is going to be a nightmare to show on the Oyster map once the upgrade is continued - how do you show that the BR station crosses the river but the tube station doesn't?

If you rename one of them, you can do something on the Southwark/Waterloo East or KXSP model, and it isn't a problem any more.


How so? You'd still have a station that crosses the thames, and still need to show that on a map...

Now, if the river wasn't on the map, no problem.

Blackfriers Bankside ala Bank Monument might be a way forward.

Lets face it, the maps about to get fugly with crossrail anyway. How do you fancy explaining Moorgate/liverpool street? Glimpse the possible future horror here http://www.badlydressedboy.com...


Blackfriars is a great name, why complicate matters? Wonderful our MP's have nothing better to do while idling away their time over corporate coffee...