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29 July 2010 | News | By: Lindsey

Metro Bank Opens In Holborn

Metro Bank Opens In Holborn

metrobanklogo.jpg The doors of the first brand new Metro Bank branch "store" finally swished open at 8am this morning. Opening hours are 7 days a week, early and late, to suit the 9-5er and the ability to print debit and credit cards on the spot are key draws of this brave new bank. Opening celebrations offer free food, balloon artists, live music and giveaways until Saturday. The promise to "surprise and delight" customers and abide by "No Stupid Bank Rules" is alluring but at a time when banks are falling over themselves to be helpful or give you cash to switch, will lollipops and a groovy, canine friendly CEO be enough? Let us know. A visit to One Southampton Row is a must this week.


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Alex F.

There's no way I will trust my money to the company with such a horrible logo.


From the hideous website's small print:

Metro Bank PLC is an independent UK Bank - it is not affiliated with any other bank or organisation (including the METRO newspaper or its publishers)

Then why, pray tell, have they used a colour scheme and logo incredibly similar to that much-loved morning periodical?


Yes I had also assumed some linkage with the newspaper due to the logo when I first saw it in Holborn a couple of months ago. If there truly is no link then what an odd logo to choose.


I was interested when I first passed the branch and saw the 'coming soon' hoardings, but once I saw details of what they have to offer, I quickly lost interest.

The truth is that they've assumed British people will like the same things as Americans. In my opinion they've got it quite wrong. There's no real value in their offerings apart from the extended opening hours which other banks were starting to do anyway. I can get a debit card on the spot? Very few people actually need one that quickly, which is why other banks stopped doing that. This isn't Manhattan either, very few people walk their dogs around central London.

Good luck to them! More competition is always good, but I can't see this being a revolution in banking... if they'd had a bicycle drive-thru maybe!


Disappointed in this article. How can you write a story involving 'balloon artists' in a bank without invoking puns about inflation?

diamond geezer

A visit to One Southampton Row is a must this week.

Please, don't get over-excited.
No it isn't.